The Scatter Gun is a weapon obtained in the Jak and Daxter series by Jak and the only gun used in Playstation Move Heroes.

The Scatter Gun is a great short-range weapon that can take out alot of enemies with a wide radius of fire, but unfortunately it's reload time is not that great. It is best used on large groups of slow enimies such as KG Death Bots. One of its greatest features is its knock-back abillities, sending some enemies flying back at the pull of the trigger.


The Scatter Gun has been used in Jak II, Jak 3 and The Lost Frontier respectively. It is usually one of the first weapons obtained and one of the most reliable with its close range shotgun capabilities and it can cripple foes going in for a hit. The Scatter Gun uses red eco and is used to break a window in the opening cut-scene of Playstation Move Heroes.


Lock N Load: Use Scatter Gun to destroy five enemies at once.


For this trophy it is best to use the Scatter Gun on a level with a lot of Bowling Pins and then wait for them to group up and then boom you have a trophy.


  • The Scatter Gun has never had an aiming aid for it before.
  • The Scatter Gun has less of an explosion cone in Playstation Move Heroes than in the rest of the Jak games.