The Precursor Hammer is Jak's weapon in Playstation Move Heroes and is used in the Melee challenges.


The Precursor Hammer is a large hammer made out of precurian metal.


Not only does the precursor hammer have the ability to be swung at an enemy with enough velocity to send an enemy across a stage, but Jak can channel dark eco through the hammer giving it a purple glow and an amazing addition of force to the already powerful hammer.


-Line Em Up: Destroy 3 enemies with one melee strike.



  • Unlike Sly's Cane and Ratchet's Omni-wrench, Jak's Precursor Hammer did not appear in the Jak and Daxter Series, therefore not being a returning iconic or signature weapon of his. Additionally, it seems to have been inspired from the Gun-staff featured in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, Jak's recent game.