Death Bot is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3, being the most common KG Death Bot. Originally started as a prototype experiment towards the end of Jak II, was later used as a core deployment in the war during Jak 3. Death bots re-appear in Playstation Move Heroes as one of the opposing factions against our brave heroes.
Death Bot


Jak IIEdit

The death bots were first seen in Jak II as prototypes made by Baron Praxis to carry out various missions and security. 

Jak 3Edit

in Jak 3, Cyber Errol gained command of the death bots and participated in the War for Haven City, which they formed an alliance with the Metal Heads. For a while they seemed invincible with their Floating War Factory replenishing their forces every day. That is until Jak shut down the KG War Factory and their numbers decreased, and when Jak defeated Cyber-Errol for the second time, the KG robotd were wiped out.

Jak X :Combat RacingEdit

The only KG Death Bot survivor was UR-86 who raced in the Kras City Combat Racing Championship.

PlayStation Move HeroesEdit

The death bots are enemies in PlayStation Move Heroes, they work for Lunk and Gleeber.


While they are not living creatures, the death bots do have a wide range of robots from the small KG Hoppers to the walking armored bomb Blast Bots.

One thing the KG Death Bots all have in common is that they all have red armor and the UB-86's have the Krimzon Guard symbol on their shoulder armor. When they get hit, sometimes some of their armor falls off revealing the KG'S exoskeleton and making them more vulnerable. When destroyed, they can explode violently to not so violently. In some pictures of KG bots, you can see elite (yellow) death bots.


  • The black & yellow colored KG Death Bots are a new group of KG robots. They never appeared in the Jak and Daxter series.