The Combuster is a long range pistol type weapon with a high rate of fire, bu
t it can overheat quickley if not used in short burst leaving it unuseable while cooling. The Combuster fires high-velocity fireballs of plasma at enimies it is a highley affective weapon that is verry relyable.


The Combuster is a recent weapon in the Ratchet and clank series used in Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty and it will be returning in All 4 One but with a green tint and a higher power level.


Simma Down: Play a Haven City or Paris challenge without overheating the Combuster


This is pretty much self explanitory, but to be sure only use it in short and controled burst if close to overheating stop and run until cool.


-The Combuster in Playstation Move Heroes has pink effects instead of the usual orange, but as it is shown in All 4 One it is not uncommon for it to change colours from the usual orange.